Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm hip.

The coolest thing in blogging, apparently, is to google for what you need....or want....or are.  You go to google, type in "Teresa needs" or "Teresa wants" or the like and see what it comes up with.  My friends Ellen and Karyn do it periodically so I guess it's my turn.  I'm taking some license and allowing "Theresa" in my list too.
Here goes:
Theresa needs to get used to the fact that she will remain the Ketchup Queen.
Theresa needs to pull up her socks and show what she's made of.
Teresa needs one more miracle to become a saint.
Teresa needs help setting up and advertising the event (she only has 2 volunteers so far).
Teresa needs to work on her math skills.
Teresa needs to stay in the board room and write the checks.
Teresa needs her fans, but she doesn't need them to be so aggressive....
Teresa needs to be "more than a woman" in order to fulfill.....( whoa!, you really don't wanna know what it says.)
Teresa needs a good lawyer.
Teresa's needs are evident.
How fun.  I'll google for my wants at a later date.  I think my needs are enough for today.

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The Emersons said...

teresa, i've been meaning to email you guys with our exciting news...we have a new baby boy at our house! caden darrel can read more and see pictures @ warning: he's a cutie! ;)