Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Feeling Better

No heart palpatations for a while now, not since this weekend anyway.  I guess getting out was what I needed.  I'm doing a coffee trial today.  I've been off for a couple of days and have had 2 cups today.  We'll see if that makes a difference.
Josiah had a rough morning.  He was doing fine and all of a sudden melted down.  There's no rhyme or reason when this stuff hits.  He starts screaming because of what's on TV or where someone is sitting or any thing he can think of.  It only lasted about an hour so I'm not sure what the trigger was.  He did confess to having some rice last night but I'm not convinced that it was the culprit.  Right now he's eating salad, bowls and bowls of it.  He just discovered the joy of Italian dressing I guess.  So fun.
I've been chastised for my phone usage.  We only have cells right now but we have 2100 minutes.  Somehow that's not enough for me....anyone surprised?  So.  My main form of communication is going to have to be e-mail during the week.  Even receiving calls costs minutes so call me after 9pm or on weekends.  We may have to get a house phone.
We're planning a trip to my folks' house tonight before church.  My aunt is probably going to leave on Friday and I need to see her one more time before she goes.  My parents are still in Arkansas on vacation for my Mom's birthday (which is today, Happy B-day Mom!) and will return Friday night.  We may even get to go to bible study tonight in Arlington, which we never do because of school schedules.  How fun!

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