Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super Bowl

Got this in an e-mail from my aunt today. How true, how true.

Now, if we could get it to do the laundry that gets stacked in the bathroom floor next to it, it would be a "Super-Duper Bowl".

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I've accomplished this week.

So here's that doo-ma-jiggy I was talking about. Not the greatest pic, but it is almost my bedtime, so you'll just have to settle I'm afraid. It's knitted out of wire and (obviously) beads. It stretches a bit to fit the glass/candle holder/potpourri jar/whatever. This is a vase that I'm looking for just the right candle for. I think the glass beads will look really great with candle light shining through. Next time I may knit it a bit wider....maybe put dangly beads around the bottom....who knows?

Again, this has no name. I'm open to suggestions but not promising I'll use any of them. 8-D

This next piece (like that?) is a hat I knitted...knit?.....what's the proper past tense here?.....anyway....I made it for my nephew because he wanted something bright and all my sister had was hot pink. Whatever you may say about fashion, I refused to let my 4 year old nephew wear a hot pink hat, so I made him this one out of yet another disassembled thrift store sweater. I love the colors and may make one for myself one of these days. My nephew was sufficiently grateful. He put it on, did a happy dance, sang a short happy song and was still wearing it when I saw him again quite a bit later.

Note: those for whom it is sufficiently gratifying to knit are sure to receive many more hand-made items than those who show less enthusiasm.

And now, my hands are cold and it's late. Just so you know, I have also done all my dishes (well, I did yesterday anyway) and washed many loads of laundry....and folded them and put them away...and cooked several meals and went to work and.....well, anyway, this week I actually did more than just knit. Just so you know.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Yet another example of why I love kingdom of loathing:

You quickly make some paper out of a nearby tree, and some ink out of a nearby... umm... squirrel. You make a copy of the map and stick it in your pocket.
You acquire an item:

Spooky Temple map

O.K. Maybe you think I'm too easily amused, but the whole squirrel thing made me laugh out loud. Especially since I'm forever trying to make things from 'scratch'.
No. They are not serious. It's a spoof. A roll playing game that makes fun of roll playing games. Does it get any better? Not in my world.

Playing catch-up

Found my camera!

Here's that snow:

Once again, my children will play outside all day if it's below 30 degrees. They won't set foot outside if it's 65 or warmer. Crazy kids.

This is a "bowl" I knitted. It's from a new book I got and I'm supposed to knit this big bowl then felt it down and it stiffens up and makes a really cool felted bowl. I spun this yarn myself so I know it's wool. I bought it as a bag of wool "scrap" roving and I guess it was "super-wash". Whodathunk? It "felted" in that it got softer and the wool fuzzed together but it did not shrink in the least. Unfortunately, Todd loves it. I say "unfortunately" because he wears it in public. I pretend I don't know him when he does.

This next project turned out decidedly better. It's what I did with the rest of that very first sweater I frankenstein-ed. It turned out to be a great little bag, fully lined with left over upholstery fabric and zipped with a zipper pulled from an old pair of cargo shorts. Really and truly recycled. and it really is that bright.

I have more photos to show ya but Blogger only does 4 at a time.(I've had to repost the photos and had to do it from the original files, so they are uncropped, unturned in some cases and otherwise au-naturale.) I know I've been a loser-poster lately but I'll try to post some more of the photos soon. No promises.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


You know how sometimes you wait and wait and wait for something, and then you finally give up on it or forget about it and then, all of a sudden it happens? That happened yesterday. The "end of the world ice-storm" never appeared. We all went to school and/or work on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we're getting ready to go when Todd hears on the radio a list of school closings. What? I look out the window and everything is white. Amazing! It was 6:30 and, dang it, I was too excited to go back to sleep. Hunter was the only kid up so we let the other 2 sleep in before sharing the exciting news. It actually snowed for hours and hours....and stayed on the ground most of the day. I took loads of pictures but put my camera down somewhere in all the excitement and now I can't find it. Of course.

Today was just like Tuesday. We got up and all went to school or work. Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Meanwhile, I've been "franken-knitting" and turned a couple of wool sweaters into some felt-fodder. The orange one has so far donated it's arms to a pair of fingerless gloves (I call them glove-lings) for me to knit in. Them thar aluminium needles get cold, I tell ya'! So far they still have safety pins separating the fingers, but I'm not sure I won't leave them that way. The pins give more space between the fingers than a seam would.

Since I can't show you snow photos, here's a pic':

I like 'em! They're nice and warm, yet not constricting. Good for knitting, changing TV stations, dialing phones, typing. Not good for washing dishes, petting cats or going to the bathroom. Just so you know.

I'm also working on another wire/bead/glass colander/decoration/thingy so I can take some photos and show you what I mean. Maybe you can help name them.

Try and keep warm.....except Bob and Geraldine...and the Emersons....and anyone else living in warm climes.....ya' hosers! Love ya' anyway.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

For THIS I bought canned meat?

Maybe it'll kick up tonight. Here's doubting.......

On a warmer note, my fam is all enjoying sporting around the "chemo caps" I've been knitting. Luckily they're mostly for my MIL and I know she won't mind them being "preworn". If I knit any to donate, I'll have to hide them somewhere.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, I tried to find a good Christmas picture to go with this post but couldn't find any. I guess we took them all with Todd's camera.

Christmas was really nice. Aside from Isaac having fever and barfing half of the day, that is. Bless his lil' heart, he didn't enjoy any of his gifts - even the electric 4 wheeler - until the next day.

We had a nice, leisurely Christmas holiday. We did go to several family events and all but they were well spaced and low stress. The days we didn't go to family, we stayed home. It was so wonderful to be lazy!

We really stuck to our resolution of "only 3 gifts per child" this year. We got the idea from a friend in Montgomery and have tried several times to stick to it but somehow gifts just multiply. This year they each got 3 gifts on Christmas (not counting little bits in stockings), all except Ike who actually only got 2....but he did get that 4 wheeler so he wasn't counting. It's not surprising but somehow gratifying that they were so much happier with their few gifts than they have ever been with a whole pile. They each played with their gifts non-stop the whole holiday. You know, the main idea was, "If 3 gifts were enough for Jesus, then it's certainly enough for our kids," but there appears to be more than one reason for limiting gifts. Who'd'a thunk?

New Year's was quiet and spent at home with our kids, who all stayed up this year. We all sort of looked at each other and said "Happy New Year" and then trundled off to bed. Perfect.

We're all back at school and work now. The boys are doing well and Todd likes his new job so far. We're out for MLK day on Monday and it's looking like we'll need it to recover from the oncoming ice storm. I bought canned meat today just in case. It seemed silly, winter storms seldom turn out as bad as they predict around here but I underestimated a storm once.....Ivan... and it was a mistake I do not intend to duplicate...even though ice storms and hurricanes are quite different. You know what I mean.

Hmmm. I feel like I'm rambling and that may be due to the late hour. Just felt like making up for lost blog-time.....did I mention our internet was down most of the Christmas break? Ah well, now ya' know.

And just because every blog should have a picture:
Here's the design Ike drew for his t-shirt.

Yes, it's Pikachu, Ash and Squirtle.

Life is good.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

That sweater....

Remember that pink sweater that I "recycled" into yarn?

This is one of the hats I made with it:

It was for my friend who teaches our girls Praise Dance on Wednesday nights. I co-teach with her....well, I push buttons on the CD player and help with Bible study anyway. I saw this pattern for "happy children" on an afghan and converted it into a hat. It just so happened that there are 15 "dancing girls" on the hat and our two dance classes combined have 15 girls in them. Sometimes things just work out like that, eh?
It's super-soft and a pretty color.
I also used it to knit a lace hat for my co-teacher at preschool but hated it. She, of course, does not hate it but my hating it lead to something serendipitous. I knitted a beaded wire ring for a glass pillar vase that turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. I did not, of course, take a photo of it because that would have been too smart.
The funnest part of it all is that I finished the wire contraption while waiting for my friend at a coffee shop....on the same night that a local knitting group was meeting! So, now I'm a part of their group and am having a blast reading all the e-mails they generate on their yahoo group. I love the digital age!!!
Someday I'll get a photo of both the lace hat and the beaded wire...what?....vase bracelet? Is there an official name for such a thing? Beaded wrap? Cuff? Whosamawhachit? Whatever it is, I'll show it to ya' one of these days.