Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I've accomplished this week.

So here's that doo-ma-jiggy I was talking about. Not the greatest pic, but it is almost my bedtime, so you'll just have to settle I'm afraid. It's knitted out of wire and (obviously) beads. It stretches a bit to fit the glass/candle holder/potpourri jar/whatever. This is a vase that I'm looking for just the right candle for. I think the glass beads will look really great with candle light shining through. Next time I may knit it a bit wider....maybe put dangly beads around the bottom....who knows?

Again, this has no name. I'm open to suggestions but not promising I'll use any of them. 8-D

This next piece (like that?) is a hat I knitted...knit?.....what's the proper past tense here?.....anyway....I made it for my nephew because he wanted something bright and all my sister had was hot pink. Whatever you may say about fashion, I refused to let my 4 year old nephew wear a hot pink hat, so I made him this one out of yet another disassembled thrift store sweater. I love the colors and may make one for myself one of these days. My nephew was sufficiently grateful. He put it on, did a happy dance, sang a short happy song and was still wearing it when I saw him again quite a bit later.

Note: those for whom it is sufficiently gratifying to knit are sure to receive many more hand-made items than those who show less enthusiasm.

And now, my hands are cold and it's late. Just so you know, I have also done all my dishes (well, I did yesterday anyway) and washed many loads of laundry....and folded them and put them away...and cooked several meals and went to work and.....well, anyway, this week I actually did more than just knit. Just so you know.

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