Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here's how the punkins turned out this year.

How 'bout that Avatar punkin? And I did not put the ghost kid in there on purpose. I think someone was running by while I shot the photo. It makes for a nice, Halloween-y effect, no?

And this is early-to-rise Sonic in all his glory.

He should technically have bare arms but it's kinda chilly this morning so we left the blue sweatshirt on underneath.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pre-Halloween Carnage

This is the mess that precedes Halloween.

This we did a week ago:

Josiah is not actually as upset as he looks. He just doesn't enjoy slime all that much.

This here is why I'm up so late:

How many of you have ever stayed up til midnight on October 30th finishing up a costume? I must admit that this is not my first time and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. I've been doing this since 7th grade or so. In my defense, I have been working on this for many weeks now. I started with the body of the costume then altered some gloves and was making the hat/mask tonight. It's a Sonic the Hedgehog costume for Josiah. The hats were too expensive on eBay and I put off making it because I knew it'd be a pain. It wasn't actually all that bad. I took a stuffed...what would it be? action figure?....because there are no dolls in this house! ;-) Anyway, I traced all the pieces of it's considerable head and made a pattern then cut and sewed it out of blue felt. It only took a few hours. I love felt!!!

You don't get to see it until tomorrow, though. When our hero tries it on as soon as he gets out of bed....because you know he will! He actually asked to sleep in it but it wasn't quite finished.
At one of his "fittings" earlier this evening I asked him if he was happy with it. He said, "Y plus E plus S equals 'yes'!" then said, and I quote exactly, "T plus H plus blah-blah-blah equals 'Thank You'!" and gave me a huge hug. Sometimes he's so cute I could puke!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remember those windmills?

I posted pictures and comments on the huge wind farms in West Texas a while back.

I was just watching Discovery Science and they were talking about those wind farms. They said...and I'm paraphrasing here because I don't have a script.....

In the 1996 the governor of Texas decided to make Texas a major provider of wind power (or something along those lines). Now, Texas is the number one generator of wind power in the United States.

Oil country. Becoming green.

Know who that governor was?

George W. Bush.

Just sayin'.

They also talked about the Solar Decatholon in DC. I saw that being set up! It's so surreal to live here sometimes.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is it Autumn?

So. Everybody says there is a fabulous autumn around here. How do you define Autumn? I'm learning that terms have different definitions here than I'm used to. Apparently "Autumn" is one of those. To me, "Autumn" is a time when it is cool...all day. O.K. the leaves turn colors but shouldn't I be able to wear a sweater without sweating? Shouldn't my air conditioner be turned off? Shouldn't I be craving soup? Hot chocolate?....o.k. I can always drink hot chocolate....Hot cider? Should the temps next week NOT be in the 80's?
Just wonderin'.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chuck should totally watch Chuck. Monday nights, NBC.

Classic "nerd accidentally becomes spy" kind of thing done very skillfully.
I'm totally addicted.
Quick! It's only 3 episodes in. You can catch up real quick at NBC's website for free and then be rarin' to go next Monday. It's TOTALLY worth your time. I promise. But be careful, the pics you choose from to pick your episode are listed backwards. The first episode is the last pic. Chapters are the other way 'round. Don't watch backwards. You'll be totally confused. :-)


Now I realize that there are many other things I need to blog about but this one was just so amazing I had to share it.
You see that car? You see how close it is to the other vehicles? This car was parallel parked into this spot. Todd and I both watched it with our very own eyes. It was not pulled in too close to the one in front of it and then blocked in too tightly by the one behind it. A small woman PARKED this car BETWEEN the other two. It was an amazing feat of inching and I'm lucky I didn't catch any bugs with my mouth hanging wide open like it was. Amazing.
I, personally, prefer walking when at all possible around here.
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