Friday, June 26, 2009

In other news...

Our family went to a ball game the other night. I didn't blog about it here because I blogged it elsewhere. My friend, Alissa, is fighting lymphatic cancer. She's a friend from my knitting group back in DFW. She can't get out this summer because of her chemo and asked us to send her postcards of what we do this summer to help cheer her up and keep her entertained. A few of the ladies in our group took her request one step further and put together a Flat Stanley type of blog to track Alissa's "adventures".

There's some great video of the younger boys in the blog. You should check it out!

Once upon a time....

A few months ago, Todd disturbed a nest of baby bunnies while cleaning up the yard.

They took off in all directions and some headed for the street so he gathered them up and put them in a box back in the corner he had found them in.

We put the nesting "fluff" into the box to keep them warm and safe. Their mommy accepted the box with good grace and all of them grew up and hopped away. We still see one or two of them every now and then.

Hooray for urban wildlife!

Monday, June 08, 2009

New Ventures

I got a new job.  Have I told you that?  No.  I'm pretty sure I haven't, because I've been working so much I haven't blogged!  Of course, you and I both know that is just a lame excuse.  I haven't blogged because I've been lazy, but I did get a new job!

I'm working part time from home for a friend who has started up her own marketing and web design company (  I don't have an official title at this point, but mostly I'm her personal assistant.  She was willing to take me as I was and train me from the ground up and I am learning so, so much!!!   I'm learning Quick Books and web content writing and site optimization and all sorts of stuff I'd never heard of before.  I even went to a Tweet Up tonight (a networking event for people on Twitter).  I'm loving it!  Occasionally I even feel like I have a clue. Though those times are few and far between, I have high hopes!

I'm still planning to teach next year.  Even if this job ends up being more hours, the preschool needs me.  Cocky as that sounds, there is a lot of class restructure going on next year and they need teachers who have been around a little while to help smooth the transition.

Until I get around to uploading my photos of Todd holding baby bunnies and the kids playing and such, here's a shot of the azaleas we had this Spring.  They were so amazing!  Like our stumps?  They came from a walnut tree we had to cut down on the church playground and they make great stools/end tables in the yard.