Monday, June 08, 2009

New Ventures

I got a new job.  Have I told you that?  No.  I'm pretty sure I haven't, because I've been working so much I haven't blogged!  Of course, you and I both know that is just a lame excuse.  I haven't blogged because I've been lazy, but I did get a new job!

I'm working part time from home for a friend who has started up her own marketing and web design company (  I don't have an official title at this point, but mostly I'm her personal assistant.  She was willing to take me as I was and train me from the ground up and I am learning so, so much!!!   I'm learning Quick Books and web content writing and site optimization and all sorts of stuff I'd never heard of before.  I even went to a Tweet Up tonight (a networking event for people on Twitter).  I'm loving it!  Occasionally I even feel like I have a clue. Though those times are few and far between, I have high hopes!

I'm still planning to teach next year.  Even if this job ends up being more hours, the preschool needs me.  Cocky as that sounds, there is a lot of class restructure going on next year and they need teachers who have been around a little while to help smooth the transition.

Until I get around to uploading my photos of Todd holding baby bunnies and the kids playing and such, here's a shot of the azaleas we had this Spring.  They were so amazing!  Like our stumps?  They came from a walnut tree we had to cut down on the church playground and they make great stools/end tables in the yard.

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Anonymous said...

Your azaleas are gorgeous. Much later than ours.
Luv ya,
Aunt R.