Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is Hard Work

First you have to decorate the yard.

Then you have to design your jack-o-lantern.

Then you have to GUT your jack-o-lantern.

Then you have to talk an adult into carving your jack-o-lantern.

Above is Isaac's.

This one's Todd's.



Of course, after all this comes the hard work of walking all over the neighborhood and begging for treats.

Bet they can't wait til it's over.
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Monday, October 05, 2009

Cosmic Question

Well. "Cosmic" as in, "for the cosmos at large," not as in, "concerning the cosmos". Here's the deal. I get an email from 1-800-FLOWERS today. It says, Did you know today is the most popular birthday in America? and proceeds to offer me a fabulous deal on a bouquet of roses for any special birthday person I happen to know. Well. As it turns out, today is my Mom's birthday (congrats on being popular mom!) I think, "Score! I'll send mom roses!"

Well. Turns out, it's not available for delivery today. So, why offer me a bouquet for the most popular b-day in America but not ON the most popular b-day in America? Shouldn't you have sent me this email earlier?
Hey. I know it's not your fault my Mom's roses are going to be a day late (surprise, Mom). That's poor planning on my part... which surprises no one. I'm just suggesting that maybe a little better planning is in order for your email campaigns.
I do appreciate the deal, though. Thanks.

That is all.
(gotta love how Blogger messes with fonts)