Monday, October 05, 2009

Cosmic Question

Well. "Cosmic" as in, "for the cosmos at large," not as in, "concerning the cosmos". Here's the deal. I get an email from 1-800-FLOWERS today. It says, Did you know today is the most popular birthday in America? and proceeds to offer me a fabulous deal on a bouquet of roses for any special birthday person I happen to know. Well. As it turns out, today is my Mom's birthday (congrats on being popular mom!) I think, "Score! I'll send mom roses!"

Well. Turns out, it's not available for delivery today. So, why offer me a bouquet for the most popular b-day in America but not ON the most popular b-day in America? Shouldn't you have sent me this email earlier?
Hey. I know it's not your fault my Mom's roses are going to be a day late (surprise, Mom). That's poor planning on my part... which surprises no one. I'm just suggesting that maybe a little better planning is in order for your email campaigns.
I do appreciate the deal, though. Thanks.

That is all.
(gotta love how Blogger messes with fonts)

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