Sunday, September 30, 2007


You know how sometimes you're so clever you just can't stand yourself? Here's my recent moment with my on-line knitting buds. Several of the gals have had things go missing lately and there's been really fun discussion about where it all is: partying together somewhere? under the laundry? on a beach?

Here's my reply:

It's a Hole, ya'll. A hole in the space-time continuum. I have one that circulates around me. Maybe you each have one too. (gasp)

It randomly sucks things (usually small things, but not always) into an alternate dimension then randomly spits them back out again. Sometimes it puts them right back where it sucked them up and sometimes it moves them do a totally different place. This is evidenced by the fact that sometimes my things go missing and reappear somewhere I would NEVER put them. Occasionally I look in a specific place for something, don't find it, go look 14 other places then return only to find it in the exact place I had looked 14 places ago (this is why I look in the same place over and over when something is missing). Holes.

It's all very logical but extremely annoying. The government denies it, but I KNOW.

Holes I tell ya'!

If anyone knows where I can get a transdimensional-hole detector, please let me know.


I must admit to being a little disappointed that I can't always be that clever. Guess I'll just have to wallow in the times I can! 8^D

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Pickin'

Went apple picking with a group from church today at Homestead Farms. They had all sorts of apples: Johnagold, Johnathan, Red Delicious, Staymen(?), Empire, Gala. Some ripe, some already gone, some not ready yet. I, myself, am a Gala girl. It's the apple variety I love best. It's the only apple I will willingly choose to nosh on when I'm snacky.
Unfortunately, it's also one that was already "done". Not many left at all and those were waaaayy, waayyy up in the trees (waaayyy being only 10 feet or so, but still out of reach). But. I'm a Gala girl. So I climbed. I told Todd to take pictures.....just in case I broke something and needed photographic documentation for the physicians. :-)

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Nothing broken, thank you very much. I only got about 5 Gala but somehow we ended up with about 30 pounds of apples. What in the name of all that's holy do I do with 30 pounds of apples? Not theoretically like, "Bake apple pies and make apple tarts and apple cake and .....". I mean seriously. Me. Rather knit or sew or paint than wash dishes, me.
I'm really hoping I don't just let them rot. I'd feel really, really guilty and that would stink.
Anybody want some apples?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Letter from Camp

(*note* No, I am not at camp. I am, however, far from home. If this post makes no sense to you don't worry, just skip it and come back for a later post. It'll be o.k. )

Dear Mom,

Camp is going well. I really like my cabin and am making new friends. All the kids in Chapel are really great and we're having fun there. So far we only meet once a week but we are working on meeting more often for different things. The kids on the path don't seem as friendly as the ones at home. I think maybe it's because camp is so crowded here that the kids all feel like they have to take their own space instead of sharing it, you know? It's not too bad, though.

My chore assignment is also not too bad. I only have 2 babies to watch most of the time and they are sweet....and GIRLS! My hours are easy ones and it's so close to the cabin that I'm hardly gone at all.

The brothers seem to really be doing great. Biggest brother is playing tuba now and the others run and squeal and make mayhem whenever he practices. It makes for a loud but happy cabin. Middle brother continues to astound me with all he can do on his own. We had a staff meeting to determine his camp schedule today but we still don't have all our stuff from the old camp so we'll have to meet again but I'm so proud of him! Littlest brother is as he always is, a huge ham and a camp favorite. He is a constant source of both joy and drama.

I think "Cabin Dad" loves it here. His eyes were sparkling tonight when he came back to the cabin from a meeting about chapel time. I really love watching him love his job!

All-in-all I really love it here at Camp Bethesda. The mosquitoes are pretty bad but I hear the weather's about to get really gorgeous so I'll just stay out of the woods until then. Tell Dad I love him and please:

Love you,
Your distant daughter.