Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm hip.

The coolest thing in blogging, apparently, is to google for what you need....or want....or are.  You go to google, type in "Teresa needs" or "Teresa wants" or the like and see what it comes up with.  My friends Ellen and Karyn do it periodically so I guess it's my turn.  I'm taking some license and allowing "Theresa" in my list too.
Here goes:
Theresa needs to get used to the fact that she will remain the Ketchup Queen.
Theresa needs to pull up her socks and show what she's made of.
Teresa needs one more miracle to become a saint.
Teresa needs help setting up and advertising the event (she only has 2 volunteers so far).
Teresa needs to work on her math skills.
Teresa needs to stay in the board room and write the checks.
Teresa needs her fans, but she doesn't need them to be so aggressive....
Teresa needs to be "more than a woman" in order to fulfill.....( whoa!, you really don't wanna know what it says.)
Teresa needs a good lawyer.
Teresa's needs are evident.
How fun.  I'll google for my wants at a later date.  I think my needs are enough for today.

Happy Halloween from Our Little Monsters!

Happy Halloween! from Josiah, Hunter and Isaac. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Those swimming pics I promised.

Josiah sliding.

Hunter being cool.

Isaac on the big slide! Posted by Picasa

Calling all nerds...

I've decided that I need a guest book. Just a place people can "sign in" and let me know they're reading my blog, without having to comment. Is there such a thing? I wonder if anybody reads when I don't get comments but then I hear "I read your blog last week and...."
I also know, for example, that Greg Newton has never once received a comment from me and, yet, I read his blog all the time. I also read Karyn's and Ellen's and Mark
Which reminds me...anyone else got a blog I can read? Anyone wanna start one but not know how? It's so easy. It's also a good way to journal and keep people updated on your life. Or, you could start an anonymous blog and say what you REALLY think. I've thought about doing that a few times, I think it would just be too hard for me to keep things really anonymous....and I don't have that much to say that I can't just say to everybody (as I'm sure you've figured out).
So anyway, if you decide to start a blog go to and just do what it says. Then let me know so I can read it!!!

Speaking of . really. Again with the cussing though. Just cover your eyes at that part and don't let your 10 year old play. I know I don't. And I have a whole other post about having a 10 year old boy. That'll come later.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Hooray for KoL being back up! Hooray for new site content! Hooray for temporal rifts and 200 adventures!
I want to post an image or two from my fav' game but I can't figure out how to do it. I'll have to wait for Todd to get home tonight and help me.....unless I decide to look it up online for myself. Bah. Too much thought involved. We'll see.

Todd has like 3 more interviews before he knows anything about the History Makers job. He's decided he just needs a job in ministry. duh. I've learned not to mind the lag time between what I say and his "flashes of insight". It allows him to think he thought this stuff up all by himself. It's good for him.

I love my husband! There are 15 million reaons why but getting to watch him discover himself is one of my favorites. I hope he enjoys watching me learn who I am too, especially since he's such an integral part of who I'm becoming. Isn't marriage cool? We're coming up on 14 years in about 2 months. I could wax profound about marriage here, but I'll spare you my insight. Especially since my littlest result of marriage is whining in my ear about playing on the computer. Maybe I'll bestow my wisdom upon you at some later date. You can hope my ADD kicks in and I forget all about it......huh?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is my haiku. Not because Todd wrote one, but because Kingdom of Loathing is down for maintance today and I am NOT happy about it. I had to go without playing for 4 days while our internet was down and now the game is down! Poor me. Anyway. This is because I miss my Haiku Dungeon, wherein lies the ever usable fairy gravy. None of which actually has anything to do with the contents of this Haiku.


Autumn is coming.
I dreamt about Africa.
I feel so homesick.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fun Quiz

I found this fun quiz on another Blog site today. It's not necessarily well written but it is fun to think about. I'm not sure I'd classify myself as Romans. I think I'm going to do some independent research and get back to you on that.
Meanwhile, you take the quiz and let me know what it tells you.

You Are Romans
You are Romans.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Instead of working....

These are some of the things I've been working on. The pears represent the ongoing saga. That pile are the pears I could reach with a chair. There are 10 times that many out of reach.
The two VanGogh's are 7x9. They both got a little cropped in the photo. I can't decide what to do for the 3rd in the series I want to make of them.
The wanna-be-quilt is an added time killer. I'm trying to arrange some of the 1/4 ton of fabric samples I've hauled around with us for years into quilts, preferably for sale. This one is made of really pretty tapestry fabric, with small metallic dots in most of the patterns. I just use the blocks as they are instead of cutting them into other patterns because each cut and subsequent seam reduces the size of the pieces. I want it to be a usable size. I'm trying to decide if I like this color arrangement and if and/or what kind of border I could use either around or between the blocks. They still have to be washed, pressed, measured, cut and sewn together, then quilted. It may be awhile.

These are the things I do instead of working at a job that would actually help support our family. I sometimes feel guilty about that, but not too much. I love being home with Isaac and being available for our other two.
Anybody wanna buy a really, really heavy quilt? It's made from fancy fabric! ;-) Posted by Picasa


Well.  Todd received his official rejection letter from the Arlington Police Department yesterday.  We knew it was coming because we hadn't heard from them in so long.  It said he was turned down because of information found in the polygraph that had not been previously disclosed.  In other words, those 3 jobs from high school and college he remembered while he was strapped in that he hadn't listed on his application.  Since he's had about 25 jobs I think they were being silly, but we've heard from other applicants that APD is just "like that".  They work really hard to reject everybody they can.  Oh well.  He didn't want that stinky ol' job anyway.
He's looking into several others right now, one of which I'm actually excited about.  It's as a recruiter/trainer.  He called the contact this morning to ask if his experience in training,  teaching classes, retreat planning and recruiting and working with interns counted for this type of job and she said, "Definitely.  Send me your resume."  I don't think he's as hopefull as I am, but I'm practically bouncing off the walls over it.  The company is a large landscaping company (Brickman), which he knows nothing about, but the rest is so perfect! ( As long as they don't come check out our yard before they interview him.) The pay would be about the same as he was making in Montgomery and it's located in Roanoak, which is the next town north of us....5 minutes from our house. (The town, anyway.  I'm not sure where the office is within the town.)
I'm gonna be praying my brains out about this job and I'd appreciate all the help I can get with it.
We went back to Heritage last night for church.  I went to the ladies' class and really enjoyed it.  That's always the best place to make friends.  When Todd came out of his class he found Josiah walking the halls with the children's minister.  He had spilled some apple sauce on his pants and freaked out so he just took him for a walk.  They didn't even blink, they just handled it.  Josiah was so happy by the time I got out of class that he said, "Hi Mom!" and wrapped himself around me in a huge hug.
For years we've been telling churches that if they will really work hard to reach out to special needs kids people will be beating down their doors to get there.  We're here to testify.  We don't really like the preaching and Hunter and Isaac, while enjoying their own classes, really miss Axxess in Arlington.  But.  We'll be going to Heritage.  We may even place membership soon.  Because, and only because, they love and care for Josiah.  It was something Grace Pointe did well and something we have sorely missed.  God is good.  Don't forget it.
We can't place membership yet, though.  Todd's preaching the 30th at Axxess.  I know he misses ministry alot.  It will be nice when he gets a stable job and can work on local ministry.  Which reminds me.... KEEP PRAYING ABOUT THAT JOB!  I'll probably fast too when I have a better idea about interviews and such.  Not "if", "when."  PRAY!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bed Time

Just some pics I liked.
We're reading The Real Story of The Three Little Pigs, just in case you're the type who wonders those kinds of things. I'm also trying some new posting methods. I'm not sure on this one. Posted by Picasa

Even More!

 Posted by Picasa

When I say pears.....

Didn't believe I had a TON of pears? I hope you can see them here. You can click on the photo to see it larger. It's nothing compared to the pile on the ground, but you don't want to see that, trust me. There are a few rotting on the tree as well. They keep the butterflies coming back. Our cat likes to watch them out the window of our bedroom. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

Life goes on.

I realized that I haven't blogged, but I think I just haven't had anything exciting happen the last few days.  I stayed up till 2am Friday night(Saturday morning) reading Jane Eyre.  I haven't read it since the 8th grade and really love it.  Jane Austen's got nothin' on Charlotte Bronte.
Saturday night we went to Ennis for a surprise birthday party for Todd's sister.  We left after Todd got off at 6 and didn't get back home until midnight. 
 We went to church here locally Sunday morning and had a great time.  The church, Heritage Church of Christ, is pretty big and fairly typical CofC but is so very ready for Josiah.  They have several kids in the group with various special needs and didn't even bat an eye when I called about it Wednesday.  In fact the quote from the children's minister was, "We're serious about earning your trust."  We went Wednesday and then again Sunday.  Aside from the preaching, we really enjoyed it.  We are so spoiled!  I don't know what it will take to impress us with preaching ever again.
We took the boys to the park tonight.  I hope they're as worn out as me.  Hunter was home today with a headache and fever.  He rode to school and then called me about an hour into it.  He slept most of the day so he may have trouble getting to sleep tonight.  I hope not.  Is that wishful thinking?  I want to paint a little more.  I've done a tiny bit more on Dad's painting but I've been working on some VanGogh's.  I've done 2 smalls and will do a third, hopefully tonight.  Maybe we can get them framed and take them by the interior decorator up the street.  Who knows?  I'll try to get some photos of them up soon.
I have a tree full of pears and I can't reach most of them.  When I say full, I mean seriously full.  Anybody want some pears?  Bring a ladder!  Maybe I should paint a picture.
Alright.  It's bed time so I'd better go start herding kids.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

For Linda

Isaac and I were on our way to a luncheon today and he was falling asleep in the car seat. Out of nowhere in a sleepy little voice he said, "Mama, I wish Ms. Linda lived in Texas." "Yeah?" I replied. "Me too baby."

So Linda Herzog, wherever you are today, we miss you. You and Heather hug each other for us.

The desk. My $4.95 art studio. (Unless you count the chair which was an additional $3.95) Posted by Picasa

Dad's painting. So much farther to go.... Posted by Picasa

Hunter in repose.  Posted by Picasa

Ike and Josiah playing at the picnic. Posted by Picasa

Just Chillin'

The boys and I have been watching Blue Man Group in concert on DVD the last few days. It makes me feel Jungian and Artsy....and hip. It's fun to dance to as well which makes Isaac the dancer happy.
The weather has cooled a bit and I'm feeling much better. Both Hunter and Josiah wake up ready to go to school every day and that makes such a huge difference in how everything goes. I still don't feel like I actually live here, but I'm getting there.
We had a picnic Sunday with our church in Arlington and it was fun to get to sit around and just visit with folks. It was a glorious day, not too hot and not too cool and the kids ran around like nuts, with adults leading the way. We stayed until everyone's toddlers started wailing. We all came home exhausted and in good spirits. I like days like that.
I finally started painting again. My Dad asked me to paint a photo he found in a magazine of a tulip field so that's what I'm working on right now. It will take me awhile. There's a whole slew of tulips in that there field! After that I'll do something to sell. There are two shops near here that given me permission to bring some work in to show and possibly sell and I need to get on it before Christmas time hits full on.
Speaking of....Todd actually did all of our Christmas shopping last week! He went to Wal Mart and put everything on lay away for our boys and all the nieces and nephews. How odd, to have it all done before December 21st.
Well, since I'm feeling artsy from all that Blue Man Group stuff, I'd better get out to my "art desk" and get to work!
Sasa, ninafanyakazi! Queli? Ndio! Ninafanyakazi.

Friday, October 07, 2005

On being an Aunt

I got to keep Alicia's kids today while she and Todd went shopping. Alicia is Todd's sister and she has 3 kids, two girls and a boy. It was, of course, insanity having 6 kids but it's not something I've never done. I just shuffled them from room to room to garage to backyard. It worked fine.
The fun part was hearing the oldest call me from across the house. "Aunt Tereeeeesa!" I get to be an Aunt. A real one, not just some distant relative that gets seen twice yearly for a day. An aunt who spends all day hugging you and playing with you and yelling at you and everything. I love that! I love getting to be a part of my family for real, all the time. It rocks!

Unusual Depth

So. Todd has ditched the whole "cop" thing. He just accepted a position as a Manager in Training with Radio Shack. It's a decision I'm uneasy about on many levels. 1. I have never known anyone working in retail to make a living that would support a family. 2. Have we wimped out? By not doing something directly ministry related are we.....I don't even know how to ask the question. Are we finking out? I know God can use us anywhere, but it just seems almost impossible when you never know when you'll be available.
Not that he should have gone "cop". I think he came to realize that he was NOT suited for that. I still don't know. I still feel deep down that God has something more useable, more powerful out there for us. Maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry. God never seems to be.
I just feel like I'm letting God down somehow. I guess that's a gimme, but you know what I mean. I'm not really looking for answers, just felt the need to express my questions. I think I'll go have a good cry in a dark corner somewhere and will probably feel much better for it. It's long overdue.
I know I could sure use some.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Feeling Better

No heart palpatations for a while now, not since this weekend anyway.  I guess getting out was what I needed.  I'm doing a coffee trial today.  I've been off for a couple of days and have had 2 cups today.  We'll see if that makes a difference.
Josiah had a rough morning.  He was doing fine and all of a sudden melted down.  There's no rhyme or reason when this stuff hits.  He starts screaming because of what's on TV or where someone is sitting or any thing he can think of.  It only lasted about an hour so I'm not sure what the trigger was.  He did confess to having some rice last night but I'm not convinced that it was the culprit.  Right now he's eating salad, bowls and bowls of it.  He just discovered the joy of Italian dressing I guess.  So fun.
I've been chastised for my phone usage.  We only have cells right now but we have 2100 minutes.  Somehow that's not enough for me....anyone surprised?  So.  My main form of communication is going to have to be e-mail during the week.  Even receiving calls costs minutes so call me after 9pm or on weekends.  We may have to get a house phone.
We're planning a trip to my folks' house tonight before church.  My aunt is probably going to leave on Friday and I need to see her one more time before she goes.  My parents are still in Arkansas on vacation for my Mom's birthday (which is today, Happy B-day Mom!) and will return Friday night.  We may even get to go to bible study tonight in Arlington, which we never do because of school schedules.  How fun!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Posting Error

I've come to an important blogging decision.  I am going to do most of my posting from Gmail from now on.  My last post was eaten when my computer disconnected itself from our wireless network and I was so mad I didn't even try to re-post it.  G-mail has a new auto-save feature that backs itself up every 60 seconds or so.  It may save my sanity, since there's no way I'm going to push the save button every minute myself.
The boys are out for "Fall Break" this week and have only managed to drive me out of my mind on a part time basis.  They've been pretty good.  Todd went for a "father and brother" bonding trip Saturday and Sunday to Snyder and had a blast.  While he was gone I did some travelling of my own.  I hate driving around the metroplex but I managed to drive myself and the boys to church in Arlington Sunday (45 minutes) and then to my mother's house in Euless (30 minutes) to eat lunch with my Aunt.  From there I drove us to Todd's sister's house in Ennis (1 hour) where we spent the night and hung out with family.  Monday I drove us home and now I feel so powerful!  I still hate driving, but I'm not as afraid now.  That's a good thing.
We've started a new break time tradition of taking the boys swimming after dinner every night.  We usually get there at about 7 and they close at 8 so it's just enought time to wear them out and come home and put them to bed.  I'm lovin' it!  I hope they know it's not gonna happen while they're in school but I'm going to do it every chance I get this week.  Hunter is the king of big brothers at the pool.  He plays like nuts with Josiah and especially with Isaac.  It is so much fun to watch.  I hope those are the times they remember most instead of the knock-down drag-out fights, though I know both are an integral part of growing up with siblings....just ask my mom.;-)
No news on the job front.  Keep praying.  I'm fighting the hopelessness that's trying to creep in.  I know it's ridiculous and I promise I know God's going to work it out, but it's there nonetheless.  Pray for us all!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

One of Josiah's favorite presents. Posted by Picasa

Just 'cause he's so cute! Posted by Picasa

My really.

I need some advice. Are heart palpatations a normal part of all this pre-menapausal junk? All the rest has been just monthly. like insomnia and hot....well not true hot flashes, just more like over-heating. Last night I was burning up and Todd was freezing. That is definitely NOT normal.
So anyway, these heart palpatations are seriously getting on my nerves. They're like Braxton-Hicks contractions in that they don't hurt and don't debilitate me in any way, they just bug the snot out of me. They even keep me awake sometimes.
Is it stress? Is it hormones? Am I just out of shape? (I worked out twice last week, are you proud?)