Monday, October 17, 2005

Life goes on.

I realized that I haven't blogged, but I think I just haven't had anything exciting happen the last few days.  I stayed up till 2am Friday night(Saturday morning) reading Jane Eyre.  I haven't read it since the 8th grade and really love it.  Jane Austen's got nothin' on Charlotte Bronte.
Saturday night we went to Ennis for a surprise birthday party for Todd's sister.  We left after Todd got off at 6 and didn't get back home until midnight. 
 We went to church here locally Sunday morning and had a great time.  The church, Heritage Church of Christ, is pretty big and fairly typical CofC but is so very ready for Josiah.  They have several kids in the group with various special needs and didn't even bat an eye when I called about it Wednesday.  In fact the quote from the children's minister was, "We're serious about earning your trust."  We went Wednesday and then again Sunday.  Aside from the preaching, we really enjoyed it.  We are so spoiled!  I don't know what it will take to impress us with preaching ever again.
We took the boys to the park tonight.  I hope they're as worn out as me.  Hunter was home today with a headache and fever.  He rode to school and then called me about an hour into it.  He slept most of the day so he may have trouble getting to sleep tonight.  I hope not.  Is that wishful thinking?  I want to paint a little more.  I've done a tiny bit more on Dad's painting but I've been working on some VanGogh's.  I've done 2 smalls and will do a third, hopefully tonight.  Maybe we can get them framed and take them by the interior decorator up the street.  Who knows?  I'll try to get some photos of them up soon.
I have a tree full of pears and I can't reach most of them.  When I say full, I mean seriously full.  Anybody want some pears?  Bring a ladder!  Maybe I should paint a picture.
Alright.  It's bed time so I'd better go start herding kids.

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