Thursday, October 20, 2005


Well.  Todd received his official rejection letter from the Arlington Police Department yesterday.  We knew it was coming because we hadn't heard from them in so long.  It said he was turned down because of information found in the polygraph that had not been previously disclosed.  In other words, those 3 jobs from high school and college he remembered while he was strapped in that he hadn't listed on his application.  Since he's had about 25 jobs I think they were being silly, but we've heard from other applicants that APD is just "like that".  They work really hard to reject everybody they can.  Oh well.  He didn't want that stinky ol' job anyway.
He's looking into several others right now, one of which I'm actually excited about.  It's as a recruiter/trainer.  He called the contact this morning to ask if his experience in training,  teaching classes, retreat planning and recruiting and working with interns counted for this type of job and she said, "Definitely.  Send me your resume."  I don't think he's as hopefull as I am, but I'm practically bouncing off the walls over it.  The company is a large landscaping company (Brickman), which he knows nothing about, but the rest is so perfect! ( As long as they don't come check out our yard before they interview him.) The pay would be about the same as he was making in Montgomery and it's located in Roanoak, which is the next town north of us....5 minutes from our house. (The town, anyway.  I'm not sure where the office is within the town.)
I'm gonna be praying my brains out about this job and I'd appreciate all the help I can get with it.
We went back to Heritage last night for church.  I went to the ladies' class and really enjoyed it.  That's always the best place to make friends.  When Todd came out of his class he found Josiah walking the halls with the children's minister.  He had spilled some apple sauce on his pants and freaked out so he just took him for a walk.  They didn't even blink, they just handled it.  Josiah was so happy by the time I got out of class that he said, "Hi Mom!" and wrapped himself around me in a huge hug.
For years we've been telling churches that if they will really work hard to reach out to special needs kids people will be beating down their doors to get there.  We're here to testify.  We don't really like the preaching and Hunter and Isaac, while enjoying their own classes, really miss Axxess in Arlington.  But.  We'll be going to Heritage.  We may even place membership soon.  Because, and only because, they love and care for Josiah.  It was something Grace Pointe did well and something we have sorely missed.  God is good.  Don't forget it.
We can't place membership yet, though.  Todd's preaching the 30th at Axxess.  I know he misses ministry alot.  It will be nice when he gets a stable job and can work on local ministry.  Which reminds me.... KEEP PRAYING ABOUT THAT JOB!  I'll probably fast too when I have a better idea about interviews and such.  Not "if", "when."  PRAY!

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