Friday, October 28, 2005


Hooray for KoL being back up! Hooray for new site content! Hooray for temporal rifts and 200 adventures!
I want to post an image or two from my fav' game but I can't figure out how to do it. I'll have to wait for Todd to get home tonight and help me.....unless I decide to look it up online for myself. Bah. Too much thought involved. We'll see.

Todd has like 3 more interviews before he knows anything about the History Makers job. He's decided he just needs a job in ministry. duh. I've learned not to mind the lag time between what I say and his "flashes of insight". It allows him to think he thought this stuff up all by himself. It's good for him.

I love my husband! There are 15 million reaons why but getting to watch him discover himself is one of my favorites. I hope he enjoys watching me learn who I am too, especially since he's such an integral part of who I'm becoming. Isn't marriage cool? We're coming up on 14 years in about 2 months. I could wax profound about marriage here, but I'll spare you my insight. Especially since my littlest result of marriage is whining in my ear about playing on the computer. Maybe I'll bestow my wisdom upon you at some later date. You can hope my ADD kicks in and I forget all about it......huh?

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