Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Chillin'

The boys and I have been watching Blue Man Group in concert on DVD the last few days. It makes me feel Jungian and Artsy....and hip. It's fun to dance to as well which makes Isaac the dancer happy.
The weather has cooled a bit and I'm feeling much better. Both Hunter and Josiah wake up ready to go to school every day and that makes such a huge difference in how everything goes. I still don't feel like I actually live here, but I'm getting there.
We had a picnic Sunday with our church in Arlington and it was fun to get to sit around and just visit with folks. It was a glorious day, not too hot and not too cool and the kids ran around like nuts, with adults leading the way. We stayed until everyone's toddlers started wailing. We all came home exhausted and in good spirits. I like days like that.
I finally started painting again. My Dad asked me to paint a photo he found in a magazine of a tulip field so that's what I'm working on right now. It will take me awhile. There's a whole slew of tulips in that there field! After that I'll do something to sell. There are two shops near here that given me permission to bring some work in to show and possibly sell and I need to get on it before Christmas time hits full on.
Speaking of....Todd actually did all of our Christmas shopping last week! He went to Wal Mart and put everything on lay away for our boys and all the nieces and nephews. How odd, to have it all done before December 21st.
Well, since I'm feeling artsy from all that Blue Man Group stuff, I'd better get out to my "art desk" and get to work!
Sasa, ninafanyakazi! Queli? Ndio! Ninafanyakazi.

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