Tuesday, October 11, 2005

For Linda

Isaac and I were on our way to a luncheon today and he was falling asleep in the car seat. Out of nowhere in a sleepy little voice he said, "Mama, I wish Ms. Linda lived in Texas." "Yeah?" I replied. "Me too baby."

So Linda Herzog, wherever you are today, we miss you. You and Heather hug each other for us.

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Linda Herzog said...

Can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear that Issac remembers me. I miss ya'll too! The new couple has been hired and they're going to live with Diane Logan for a little while. But they just won't be you and I miss you all. Hope you're doing well there. I'm not so good at e-mailing, but don't give up on me. I do better at phone calls and will try to make one soon after 9 p.m. Need also to talk to you about the group. They're so nice! I'm glad you asked me to open for them. Love you much! Take care and you're not forgotten! Linda