Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Pickin'

Went apple picking with a group from church today at Homestead Farms. They had all sorts of apples: Johnagold, Johnathan, Red Delicious, Staymen(?), Empire, Gala. Some ripe, some already gone, some not ready yet. I, myself, am a Gala girl. It's the apple variety I love best. It's the only apple I will willingly choose to nosh on when I'm snacky.
Unfortunately, it's also one that was already "done". Not many left at all and those were waaaayy, waayyy up in the trees (waaayyy being only 10 feet or so, but still out of reach). But. I'm a Gala girl. So I climbed. I told Todd to take pictures.....just in case I broke something and needed photographic documentation for the physicians. :-)

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Nothing broken, thank you very much. I only got about 5 Gala but somehow we ended up with about 30 pounds of apples. What in the name of all that's holy do I do with 30 pounds of apples? Not theoretically like, "Bake apple pies and make apple tarts and apple cake and .....". I mean seriously. Me. Rather knit or sew or paint than wash dishes, me.
I'm really hoping I don't just let them rot. I'd feel really, really guilty and that would stink.
Anybody want some apples?


jan said...

i laffed out loud at your apple pickin adventure. we are lucky to have you.

Geraldine said...

Well, Teresa, there are 5 of you. If you each eat one apple a day (to keep the dr away, you know!) then the apples will be gone in a few days!

Once back in CS I was shopping at the Farmer's Market and someone commented that I was buying a LOT of apples. I told them the math....6 people, one apple a day per person, that's 42 apples a week!! 8^)


Geraldine said...

Okay...reread....30 lbs., not 30 apples. Set up a stand outside and sell! 8^)