Monday, January 29, 2007

Playing catch-up

Found my camera!

Here's that snow:

Once again, my children will play outside all day if it's below 30 degrees. They won't set foot outside if it's 65 or warmer. Crazy kids.

This is a "bowl" I knitted. It's from a new book I got and I'm supposed to knit this big bowl then felt it down and it stiffens up and makes a really cool felted bowl. I spun this yarn myself so I know it's wool. I bought it as a bag of wool "scrap" roving and I guess it was "super-wash". Whodathunk? It "felted" in that it got softer and the wool fuzzed together but it did not shrink in the least. Unfortunately, Todd loves it. I say "unfortunately" because he wears it in public. I pretend I don't know him when he does.

This next project turned out decidedly better. It's what I did with the rest of that very first sweater I frankenstein-ed. It turned out to be a great little bag, fully lined with left over upholstery fabric and zipped with a zipper pulled from an old pair of cargo shorts. Really and truly recycled. and it really is that bright.

I have more photos to show ya but Blogger only does 4 at a time.(I've had to repost the photos and had to do it from the original files, so they are uncropped, unturned in some cases and otherwise au-naturale.) I know I've been a loser-poster lately but I'll try to post some more of the photos soon. No promises.

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