Thursday, January 11, 2007

That sweater....

Remember that pink sweater that I "recycled" into yarn?

This is one of the hats I made with it:

It was for my friend who teaches our girls Praise Dance on Wednesday nights. I co-teach with her....well, I push buttons on the CD player and help with Bible study anyway. I saw this pattern for "happy children" on an afghan and converted it into a hat. It just so happened that there are 15 "dancing girls" on the hat and our two dance classes combined have 15 girls in them. Sometimes things just work out like that, eh?
It's super-soft and a pretty color.
I also used it to knit a lace hat for my co-teacher at preschool but hated it. She, of course, does not hate it but my hating it lead to something serendipitous. I knitted a beaded wire ring for a glass pillar vase that turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. I did not, of course, take a photo of it because that would have been too smart.
The funnest part of it all is that I finished the wire contraption while waiting for my friend at a coffee shop....on the same night that a local knitting group was meeting! So, now I'm a part of their group and am having a blast reading all the e-mails they generate on their yahoo group. I love the digital age!!!
Someday I'll get a photo of both the lace hat and the beaded wire...what?....vase bracelet? Is there an official name for such a thing? Beaded wrap? Cuff? Whosamawhachit? Whatever it is, I'll show it to ya' one of these days.

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