Saturday, August 05, 2006

Movie Reviews

I've been meaning to post about a movie I watched last weekend but somehow never got around to it. I saw another great movie last night and decided to blog about both of them at once.

The first is The Constant Gardener with Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz. It's a romance/thriller/social commentary set mostly in Kenya about a man trying to find the truth about his wife's murder. I watched it at home with a friend and we spent the first 30 minutes trying to decide if it was worth continuing or not. We decided to go ahead with it because of all the shots of Nairobi. My friend was a missionary in Argentina, not Africa, but she could relate to a movie making you homesick so we drank our chai and tried to pay attention. Then it got good. About 30 minutes into it the action really picked up and the story line developed and we started enjoying the movie.

It's a good movie and if you've ever been to East Africa, it's a must see. Just remember: don't judge Tessa until you've seen the whole movie!

Last night I succumbed to popular culture and went to see The Lake House with my mom. It's "tax-free weekend" here so getting to the mall and finding a parking spot were both nearly impossible but we waded in and got it watched! Really, really great movie. If you can ignore all the impossibilities and those nagging thoughts ("...if she told him....and he didn't.....then she never would have.....") you will love it. It's sweet and romantic and very nice visually (I don't mean Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, I mean the landscapes and architecture). I came away from it with a big, romantic sigh.

I'm guessing it's almost done with it's run in theaters since there were very few showings available. Maybe you can wait for it to come to the cheap theaters. Sweet movies are even sweeter for $2.50 instead of $8.50!

P.S. I read that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock really are pen pals, like real pen and paper and mail pen pals, and have been since Speed. How cool is that?

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Mrs. Wrye said...

I loved both of those movies!

Do you remember Keanu's really fake sneeze though? I think I expect his acting to fail every time I see him in a movie.

But with lines like "woah ... I knoe Kung FU!" can you really blame me?