Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Day - Part 2

I think today went quite swimmingly. Everyone is now home and happy....and stuffing their faces with after-school snacks.

Isaac just walked right in and gave his teacher her apple and proceeded to act like he owned the a sweet way. I think he's gonna love Kindergarden.

Here's what Ike does in the mornings while his brothers head to school.

Headed that way, apple in hand. Those blue eyes.....

Walking in with Dad. There was a huge gaggle of Kindergardeners and their parents in the atrium when we got inside. We loitered a good 5 minutes before we were directed back to the class rooms. Just long enough for the scared ones to get good and scared. Luckily, Ike was not one of those.

He went in (as mentioned before), found his nametag, picked a seat and set to work. In the background you can see the yellow throne he had recently vacated in order to find his nametag.

He informed me this afternoon that they did not have a math test today. He sounded disappointed. I'll have to remind him of that when he's in 8th grade.....ew, let's not go there just yet. Posted by Picasa

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