Friday, August 25, 2006

I could just puke.

You know how sometimes you do something so stupid that you get that sick feeling in your stomach? How it just steals all the joy out of everything for awhile?
I got to experience that today. Not because I did something but because I didn't do something....last year, or last month.

I went to the Department of Transportation to wade through the beurocracy and finally transfer my license today. I went once before but had only 2 forms of I.D. instead of the required 3 and so have been putting off going back. It's far away and jam-packed and a general pain. I went back today and discovered that my Alabama license expired last month. For some reason I thought I had until 2008....maybe that's my Sam's card or something. Anyway, due to this oversight and lack of motivation on my part I am now required to re-take the written exam and the driving test. Yup. Just like when I was 17 (I took driver's ed. late).

I am sick. Sick at the time it will take and, even more so, sick at the money. I had my birthday money carefully counted out and budgeted and now a large chunk of it will go to correcting my own stupid mistake. Sick, sick, sick.

So now my fast approaching birthday to which I was actually looking forward has a grey pall over it. A grey pall of stupidity. Lucky for me I have a family who loves me even when I'm stupid so I won't be allowed to sit home and mope, which is all I feel like doing right now. We'll be eating foreign food and hangin' out and having fun. I'll probably start feeling better tonight after I get my kids home from school.

Fickle, fickle girl. How easily swayeth thine emotions.


Anonymous said...

Go back to AL and renew your license. They gave me a new one when my _Guam_ license was 2 months expired! The DMV there has high standards!


Teresa said...

I thought of that but....
1. it would take even more money to do that and
2. I don't have proof of residence. Wouldn't I need that?
Maybe I'll check into renewing online.....oh wait!, they'd mail it to my old address and it would get sent back. Arg!!!