Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Parade!

The annual Lion's Club Parade was tonight. We thought it was Labor Day weekend and had guests invited over and everything but when we saw the barriers set up on our block in preparation this morning we started making some calls. We ended up inviting a whole slew of folks over to sit in our yard and watch the parade go by. It was scheduled for 7 and at about 6:30 it started to thunder. By 6:45 it was pouring. Now we need rain in a pretty hard way so no one was really heartbroken, but the timing wasn't so great. And how cliche:

It rained on our parade!

The good news is that the rain did stop and almost everyone showed up in time for the parade, which was able to start just a little bit late. We ended up with a good sized crowd of friends and a stranger or two hanging out in our yard and it was a total blast!

It's fun to see the fire trucks and yell at the "Little Miss" contestants in their convertables (or pickup trucks...this is Texas) and such, but we all know what parades are really about:

It's all about the candy!

Everyone had a great time. If we do move out of this house, we'll have to make sure it's after the parade that year. Posted by Picasa

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B. Painter said...

Thank you for the hospitality! We had a great time. It is "about the candy", but for me it more about making some more stories with the Thomas family. I love you guys!