Friday, August 11, 2006

And the answer is.....

Sort of.

Am I normal? According to the quiz I took, I am half-way normal. Exactly half-way. On a scale of 1-100, 1 being wacko and 100 being normal (or vice-versa, I couldn't tell because of my score) I scored a 50. Just weird enough to be interesting but not scary.

Here is the official report:

Your Normalcy Quotient is: 50 out of 100.

Your quiz results make you a Wonderful Eccentric

You've earned the title of wonderful eccentric, and while you're not a wild, gun slinging maverick, you certainly like to follow your own way. Of course, you probably don't think of yourself as eccentric. As Einstein might say, "It's all relative."

Take this free personality test by Clicking Here>> or going to

The fact that I didn't receive more than 2 comments ( both on and off-line) sort of makes me grateful. ;-)

P.S. The week went splendidly. The boys are all happy with school. We had a youth group back-to-school party tonight at NRH2O, a waterpark in North Richland Hills. We rented out the whole park and it was an absolute and total blast. So fun, in fact, that I may need Tylenol to be able to move tomorrow. The kind of fun that makes you feel old but fiesty.

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