Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's been a good day for posts. I knew I needed to blog so I decided I would tell you all about Kingdom of Loathing (again) since I recently defeated the Naughty Sorceress (with only one hit point to spare). It really is a fun game. The graphics are purposely rudimentary (I think they call that "primative") but the narration rocks the world!

I'm fighting a Yeti. A "Knott Yeti" to be exact and he's pretty rough to beat, but I've got very powerful weapons! and I'm pretty experienced by now so he can't even get a hit in on me. He still tries though. Here's what I read:

He tries to gnaw on your stomach, but fails abominably. And abdominally.

I laugh...all the way to the bank (I get over 300 meat every time I defeat him). I'm thinking about how clever I am until Isaac walks in and bowls me over with this one:

"Mom, this day is just crying out for us to do something together."

He's 5. He still has a little baby-talk left in his words so things like "dis day" make the whole sentence somehow out of synch with reality. "Crying out"? How amazing.
What would you do? Exactly what I did, I'm sure. Grin broadly and ask, "What would you like to do?" The answer? "I don't know, but not snuggle. That's just boring." Do you chuckle? Of course not. The male ego is fragile, even in a 5 year old. He goes to the garage in search of a project and comes up with sidewalk chalk.

Here's what we did together:

It took at least 30 minutes and we worked up a good sweat out there in the sun. I think it was an admirable "together time".

Afterwards Todd came home early for lunch and drove Isaac to school on his scooter. Isaac lives to ride his Daddy's scooter. I have the greatest photo. Blogger, of course, will not post it for some reason. It will be in a future post, I promise you. When you see it, please remember the reference to the male ego and know that I did not laugh out loud. I simply asked if I could take a photo.

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