Friday, July 28, 2006

That lake trip.

I mentioned a lake trip a while back and said I'd tell you about it then promptly forgot. Lucky for you I'm narcisisstic enough to go back and read my own blogs periodically.

July 8th we took a youth group trip to Lake Grapevine. We rented a double decker "party barge". It had a slide off the back, a grill, a bathroom, tables, chairs, stereo.....

Here's Todd sliding.

Josiah sliding.

Todd using his photojournalism skills to document the upper deck and it's goings on. (the kids were jumping off the upper deck into the lake).

This is the lower deck...and what's that? Could it be the pontoon boat that had to come steer us out onto the lake because the rudder was broken?
Too bad they didn't fix the grill too.

Despite the glitches, the party barge was a total blast. I highly recommend it. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Todd sliding finally appeared. It wasn't there when I looked yesterday....


Teresa said...

Yeah, I had to go in and edit it. It's fairly common on my Blogger account to lose one or two photos in transit. I guess it's a small enough price to pay for free blog space, eh?