Monday, March 20, 2006

Sense of Accomplishment

Aside from keeping my sink clean and my toilets scrubbed, I've been doing some things that make me feel like I've accomplished something here recently. I started painting again. I haven't painted in months and months and have missed it, but it really does take up a huge space on my table. I had that handy-dandy "art desk" set up in my garage but have run into light problems. So. We'll just eat at TV tables for a few days while I paint with my crayons. (I had to go buy a whole box today just to get a lame is that?) I've also lost the magazine clipping I was using to paint Dad's tulip field. I'm not sure what to do about that....except improvise....and maybe look up that photo I posted.....hmmmm, this blogging thing could come in handy after all.

Have I mentioned that I received an application in the mail for FLIMP in Alabama again this year? It's the art festival run by the state museum and I was in it last year but I think it may just be for Alabama residents. I got the application but it had been forwarded from our last Alabama address. I went ahead and sent it in.....who knows what they'll say? Maybe I'll have a good excuse to go back to Alabama for a weekend!

I've also managed to spin some silk. It's pretty tricky but I like it. I tried blending it with some wool and some cotton but am having best luck just spinning it straight. I may ply it with some soon as I get the hang of spinning cotton which is also tricky. Now all I have to do is start using all this yarn! I'm stymied by not having cable. Knitting is so much more enjoyable with mind-numbing TV running in front of you. I may have to knit at Mom's house. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

If you come back to Alabama the Herzog Bed & Breakfast is still open.


Anonymous said...

Your spun silk looks great! Any hints for me as I'm still working on all my wool, but I'm itching to tear into these silk hankies & caps that came while I was gone! 8^)

Keep spinning!!!

Teresa said...

Hey John, I was hoping you'd say that! :-)