Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I forgot to mention...

I was just reading back over my blogs and realized that I didn't tell you about Todd's Jr. High retreat for Heritage and Legacy CsofC. I mentioned that he would be camping in the rain and, indeed, it soaked them all weekend. The retreat was about "becoming nothing" and letting Christ live in you and Todd really enjoyed it.....of course. Two things have happened as a result of him speaking there. 1st, several people think he should re-apply at Legacy and send in some sermon CDs and 2nd, the youth minister there called him today to do another retreat. They have a Sr. High retreat planned for this weekend and their speaker backed out today. Bummer for them, good for us. They said he should bring his whole family and they'll put us up in a cabin on the lake. Yeah, buddy!

Todd usually shoots cowboy action on the last weekend of the month but he put it this way, "I could either spend a lot of money to go shoot, or go do what I really want to be doing all the time." Not a real dilemma.

Which reminds me...Todd deleted his Blog. Have you noticed? He decided that "You should be quick to listen and slow to speak." At first I thought he was just wimping out because he knows so many people read our blogs (especially those on search committees) and then I realized that he's right. Guys' blogs tend to be where they vent.....and sometimes it's better to just listen and think without speaking for a while. Us gals, I think, are more apt to just blather on about life, what we do, what our kids do, what our husbands do....all that nonsense. I guess it's not too boring or you wouldn't be reading it, would you? I, personally, never get tired of it. ;-)

Oh yeah, we also got another call from Ballinger CofC asking Todd to send in his resume and sermon CD's. We had decided not to apply at first but I think we're seriously considering it now. It's for a youth minister position and I think these retreats have lit Todd's fire again.

It's a mixed blessing. Getting to minister some makes sitting in a cubicle typing spreadsheets just that much harder every day. I hate it for him. It's like sending your child to school when you know he really hates it. bleh. It's way harder on him than me, but I don't like to watch the struggle. I'm a wimp like that.

Well, Todd's at an emergent cohort meeting tonight (if you don't know what it is, don't worry 'bout it) and it's fast approaching my bedtime. I don't turn into a pumpkin if I stay up past 9:45, but I sure feel like one in the morning. I may just paint a wee bit before I head that way. Think I can quit in time? We shall see....

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