Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm cool

O.K. I didn't feel so cool last night when that other Dad yelled at Josiah. I wanted to tear his eyes out. It's a long story beginning with a 3 year old scaring Josiah by yelling and Josiah jumping at her like he was gonna hit her. I understand the dad's reaction but not the ensuing conversation/argument. I was grateful to God that I managed to reply in cool, even tones and kept Josiah in time out the rest of the time at Chick-Fil-A. The whole thing ended with the Dad coming over and apologizing to me but you know that adreneline rush you get? When you're keyed up for hours afterwards? I could'a thrown a car at someone for a long, long time after we left the restaurant. I'm still amazed that God kept my mouth shut at just the right time so the man could come and apologize and I could see Peacemakers at work. God is good.

Today I feel cool because I got to be a creative Mom. I got a spinning wheel and Hunter has been begging to try it. I take off the fiber and let them peddle but that wasn't enough. Since fiber for spinning ain't cheap I've been declining his request but I had a brain storm today. We cut some scrap fabric (of which I have tons) into long strips and I'm letting him spin that. It's not perfect, the lumps get caught and it doesn't always "take up" well, but he's getting the feel for spinning and having a blast....and not wasting my wool. Who knows, we may even make a rag rug out of the spun fabric.

and my sink is still clean! (which has nothing to do with spinning)

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