Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do You Blog?

I was just wondering if anyone else who blogs thinks about it all the time like I do? When something funny happens do you try to think of funny ways to blog about it? I used to do this all the time when I lived in Africa. I sent out a big e-mail pretty regularly about the personal aspect of our work and things that were catastrophic seemed easier to deal with when I thought, "Wow. This will make a great story in my e-mail this week!" (Remember those nachos on fire? And that group of 21 that showed up at our house to spend the night?) Anyway I was just thinking of my laundry and trying to be witty about it so I think one can get carried away with this blogging thing. "Wash for him the shirt which he desireth." It goes with a small anecdote but I'll spare you this time.

I know you guys are tired of hearing about the Southlake church but it happened again. We went to a different class tonight to see what it's like. It's called "Everyday Missionaries" and it's a neat class but what caught my attention was a casual mention that the eldership has encouraged every member of this church to spend at least 10 days on some sort of mission effort over the next five years. In fact they strongly encourage it.
Are you kidding me? Is this place for real. I had to suppress the urge to stand up and dance a jig. (of course, when I spilled my coffee all over the carpet I got distracted and calmed down but I never did jig....I promise). Sometimes I feel like I'm on Candid Camera and someone somewhere (probably God) is laughing hysterically every time my jaw hits the floor as more and more of the character of this church is revealed. God may decide we are not the couple that needs to lead this church (in fact the thought becomes more and more intimidating) but I pray and pray that He finds the perfect couple for them. They are so neat.

Speaking of intimidating. Someone else told us tonight that he's been reading our blogs, someone we are only newly acquainted with. At one time I thought I would like to put a counter on my blog to see how many people check it daily but now I'm thinking I'd rather not know. Boy, that'll make you check your spelling won't it?

So why won't my mother read my blog? Hmmmm. I think she'd rather just hear it from me instead of read it. Whatever her reason for not reading, she saved me today. We had a small lunch debacle wherein I stopped to buy a lunchable for Ike on our way to work and realized Todd had my check card and I didn't have time to go anywhere else or do anything else. I never made it all the way to sheer panic. In fact it didn't take me long at all to realize...."I can call my Momma!!!" What a wonderful feeling. It's still new to be so near so I still revel in it. I called my Mom and she didn't just bring Ike a lunch, she brought enough lunchables to last us well into the weekend. You and I both know there's a sermon in there....all about God and His provision....but I trust you to be able to figure that out on your own. You know how I feel about God's tender mercies but I just wanna take a moment to say, "I LOVE MY MOMMA!" She rocks. (Daddy does too but he's in Houston on business and couldn't have possibly made it in time with lunch. :-D)

And in conclusion.....well, I don't really have anything to say in conclusion. I'm just trying to waste time while the laundry finishes up so I can put it in the dryer before I pass out for the night. Maybe I'll just go get my clothes out for tomorrow. (After I run that spell check.) Okay then. Bye.

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