Friday, March 17, 2006


I figure it's time to post a photo or two. It's Spring Break now and it's been glorious weather all week with good variation between cool and warm...not cold or hot. I think it's supposed to rain all weekend, which is par for the course since Todd is going on a Jr. High camp out as the guest speaker. I'm just not a "campin' in the rain" kind of gal, know what I mean?

Todd's sister and her whole gang came up Tuesday night and spent Wednesday with us. Her husband had Wednesday off so Todd took off too and we had a fun time. We attempted to go to the zoo but after more than 2 hours of traffic and being told that it was another 2 hour wait to get in, we decided to skip the zoo. We hit a couple of thrift stores on the way home and then went to Keller Pointe to swim....which was a blast.

Hunter went home with them and the other two and I will head down today to Todd's mom's to spend some time and pick him up. I'm liking Spring Break! We even got the cars detailed. How fun is that?

O.K., now for the pictures I promised.

This is the infamous Spinning Wheel. It's light enough to move into the sunshine! Next to it are 1 pound of silk and 1 pound of mixed wool bits (for teaching Hunter to spin).

The younger two have played together miraculously well without big bro'. Makes you wonder.....

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