Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Foulness of Hamsters

Hamsters are gross. Foul. Nasty. O.K., they are fuzzy and cute and cuddly, especially the dwarf ones, but they......ummmm.....excrete alot. Alot. Gerbils are not quite as cute but also not as gross. Bummer, eh? My wise and all-knowing-Geraldine told me this long, long ago. I believed her but did not quite understand. This morning I spent a long time out in the biting wind with the water hose trying to blow off hamster yuk from their cage. Mostly my fault for waiting so long, I will admit, but yukky nonetheless. It's what I get for succumbing to the cuteness of free hamsters.

Do not be deceived. They are poop machines in disguise.

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