Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where've you been all this time?

I tell you what. A job may be just what I need. I had so much fun subbing this week. I taught 2 year olds Wednesday and Thursday. As any of you who know me are aware, 2 year olds are my group. They are the group I've taught 3 years out of 4 of teaching pre-school. The best part? I wasn't alone! I love teaching with a co-teacher, even when there are 13 kids. Isaac also had a blast in his class. He even learned how to write the letter "C"!

Hunter was home both of those days coughing and coughing. I finally got him to the doctor Thursday evening. He doesn't have anything serious but the doctor wrote a prescription anyway...don't they always? He said it would most likely resolve itself but since he'd been coughing so long.....I asked if we could wait it out. I suggested Saturday, he said wait until Monday. I'm keeping the scrip' just in case. He also suggested a marvelous cough suppressant called Delsym. It's over the counter and 12 hour and works great! Hunter was not happy about going to school Friday but came home happy and said it was a great day. Goofball.

And Friday? What was I doing all day Friday? SPINNING! I got my silk in the mail and started spinning it. It is so fabulous! It is so much easier than the wool and so much prettier! I am so hooked! I still have no clue what to do with it when I'm done spinning it but I'm sure Geraldine and I can think of something. She's been my online tutor these past few days. She even bought me a fancy spindle!!! It's on it's way and I'm trying not to hold my breath, I can't wait! You know, it's too bad she didn't get me hooked on house keeping. :-D

This is my silk in several forms. It comes in the "hankies" that you seperate and then pull into the "roving" then spin on the spindle into yarn. After that you "ply" it by twisting two or more strands of the yarn together. (I tell you all that like I didn't just learn it all myself this week.)

This is my first "skein" of wool yarn! It's made from the two different samples that came in my "kit". I plied them together. It reminds me of Africa because we got some handmade animal puppets that were obviously made from these two types of yarn. It is only about 15 yards, which may make a potholder or something....maybe. It's ugly, but I'm proud!

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Anonymous said...

It is NOT ugly!! Don't forget, now you must dunk it in warm soapy water (something like Woolite). You can add tea tree oil to keep out bugs I am told. Then you squeeze out a little water, but leave it wet enough to be heavy. Hang it to dry. If you want you can weight it with some sort of heavy object (nuts & bolts on an old shoelace works well) and you can move it one quarter turn every few hours. This is all to 'set the twist'. Fun, huh??-gk