Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ain't That Just How It Goes?

So.  I didn't work out on Monday because Isaac was sick, remember that?  And remember how worried I was about getting out of the habit.  Well, yesterday I went later than usual, thinking I'd avoid the crowds that are always there in the mornings.  I found out why everyone's there in the mornings.  The child care closes from 12 until 4.  I was sunk.  The other boys are home by then.
Today I had a 10 o'clock goal.  I got up and around and dressed and was headed to the post office to mail some stuff for Todd and then to the gym.  A flat tire.  WHAT???!!!  Out of nowhere, I've got a flat.  It's rear passenger side and I felt it even before we made it to the end of the driveway.  It's totally flat.
I would probably just wait for Todd to get home tonight to take care of it but he needs those packages mailed today.  I'm not sure what he'll do but I'm guessing he'll head home soon.  He told me not to try to change it myself.  I feel like I could figure it out without trouble, but I'm grateful he told me not to.  That van is really big and the thought of suspending it on a relatively small metal tool and putting myself, even partly, under it makes me really nervous. 
I bet I've got a can of Fix-a-flat in the van but since I'm at home and not stranded anywhere I think I'll save it.  Meanwhile, I'll fold laundry and domestic is that?
BTW....Todd's home already.  How's that for fast service?

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