Saturday, February 25, 2006

Grey Day

Today really is a grey day. It has been grey for several days now, in fact it's probably rained more these last couple of weeks than all the time we've lived here combined before that. I'm glad. We really, really needed it. It makes me think of our friends in East Africa struggling with drought right now. Drought for us means brown grass. For them it means no food. In town it also means sporatic water service and frequent power outages. Droughts are not nice.

Josiah and Ike and I are home today while Hunter and Todd do their cowboy shooting thing again. It's so nice and quiet(er) around here when we're short one kid. It's also strange, I keep looking for him. Instinct I guess.

I really don't have anything to blog about. I just hate going too long without blogging. I'm just posting for posting's sake. Take what you can get, eh?

By the way. My sink is still clean!!!! One whole week. The longest ever! So far I've also been keeping my toilets scrubbed and my bathroom counters swiped. Can it last? Just say YES!

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