Friday, February 17, 2006


I was just cruising through all my friends' blogs and being disappointed in several of them for not posting since Valentine's Day and realized......"Hey! I bet I haven't blogged since then either." So I checked and, oops!, it's been even longer! The problem is I've emailed to friends and told them all the local news and then felt like I had blogged.......or something like that.

Anyway, Valentine's Day was really nice. Todd always makes sure he and the boys go all out to treat me like a princess on Valentine's Day. They go to Dollar Tree and put together a big basket of goodies for me with a balloon, it's alway so fun! What did Todd get me? A motor for my driver side window in the van. Sound lame? NO WAY! I've been wanting one for ever-so-long and I can't wait to get it installed and roll my window down at the drive throughs and bank tellers and passers-by I wish to shout greetings to. I'm so excited it makes me giggle.

Oh yeah, and he got me a PDA too, mostly because he's tired of me forgetting everything but also because it has an MP3 player for me to use when I work out....which I haven't done in a while. I did manage to clean up our room yesterday. Todd almost passed out. I got a dinner out for that one.

I did my part for Valentine's Day by preparing all the obligatory junk for school parties, making heart shaped gluten-free pancakes for Josiah and heart shaped biscuits for the other boys (who wouldn't eat them). Todd got a dozen rozes and some coffee flavored candy from his lovely wife and we all went out to eat at a Chinese Buffet. I love that Valentine's Day is about the whole family like that.

One more thing. Have you ever been to Ikea my friend? (If you've never seen Three Cabeleros, never mind the reference.) One opened here this summer (here meaning Frisco, which is 45 minutes away on a good, fast day) and there was such huge hype about it and miles and miles of traffic to get to it and parking out to the hinter lands. I had no desire to go. Then the other day I saw one of their cataloges. Whoa! It's well made stuff with Wal-Mart prices, no kidding!

Mom and I made plans to go that kept being changed and moved and cancelled. Our chance finally came Wednesday evening (yes, I skipped church to shop with my Mom. I'm just evil that way.) The problem is, everybody was on their way home from work. It took us 2 hours to get there an hour and a half before they closed. That's alright though. I've come to an important revelation....I ADORE IKEA! It is so great! They really do have neat stuff and it really is inexpensive, really it is. Mom bought us a lamp and a chest of drawers and one for my sister's new house and I proceeded to spend almost $50 on odds and ends. I could spend so much more! And I probably time I feel like driving across the world.

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