Monday, February 27, 2006


We went to Southlake Boulevard Church again yesterday. This time we went for Sunday School too. I called and talked with the children's minister and they are just starting up a special needs class and have already got volunteers lined up. Josiah went to his regular class but had someone helping him. It was awesome.
Guess what one of the class options is for Adults on Sunday morning? A contemplative prayer room!!! Sound familiar? Sound like the youth house? Sound like what Todd's been aching for? I can't get over this church. It's like someone's been eaves-dropping on Todd for 2 years and made a church out of everything he's said. Not that I haven't been part of the conversations.... just that he talks more than me :-D
Could you all start really, really praying about this church? They're still in process for hiring a minister and, so far, we are still on the far as we know. I've been praying hard but I feel like the kid who's asking for too much for Christmas, know what I mean? Maybe if it was further away....or not so neat....or fraught with strife, then I wouldn't feel like it's too much to ask. Would God really trust us with such an amazing church? Would it be spoiling us to place us with a church so close to our home? Has He been orchestrating this all along?
We shall see.
Pray!!! please.

P.S. Our friend Jenny sent us a cool video link. Todd hasn't blogged in a while so I'm gonna let him post it. Check his site (but give him a little time)....the link to his blog is to the right of your screen.

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