Friday, February 03, 2006

What to do....

Well, I got to work out yesterday but didn't go today. See how easy it is to fall back into sloth? I guess it wouldn't be a "deadly sin" if it wasn't easy, eh? Today was just rainy and cloudy and bleh all morning so I laid around and knitted. I had to pick Josiah up early but I was expecting that. I figured that about the time his cough medicine wore off his teacher would call me. She did. It lasted until about 1:30. She said he was having a perfect day and was getting crabby. She thought we should quit while we were ahead. Considering he tried to kill a fellow student last week, I figure she was right on the money. He seems to be alright, just sniffy.

We're all sniffling and snuffling and some are even coughing pretty good. Todd felt so yukky yesterday that he came home early and went to bed. My official plan is to lay low this weekend....all except for that birthday party on Saturday for our nephew. Some of us may even have to miss the party. We don't have the insurance to all get really sick.

I finally broke down and ordered a drop spindle and some wool to spin. It was a beginner's kit and only cost $10. I've been reading and researching online all week and just couldn't stand it anymore. I went on and on about it until Todd broke down and ordered it for me. I'll let you know how it goes.

Right now I'm knitting a "pocket hand warmer" for Hunter. It's a little monster that you can put a hot "rice bag" into. He'll love it...if it turns out. I've finished the head and body and it really doesn't resemble the photo of the original very much. I'll try to post photos of both when I finish. No, really I will.

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