Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who wins?

I lose! I didn't get into bed until about 9:55, which is about 10 minutes too late. I'm like an atomic clock when it comes to my 8 hours exactly, dude. Thing is, I got into bed and lay awake for a really long time....like close to an hour. Coffee.

First I got up to turn off the dryer. I still wasn't completely asleep due to the coffee and there was a quarter in the dryer that was bugging Todd. He never said a word but he got up and tried to find it, couldn't, and laid there tossing and sighing every time it clacked. I just went and turned it off, I never even looked for the thing. The load was almost done anyway. I fell asleep pretty soon after that.

Then Isaac woke me up. I got him back to bed and went back to sleep then the cat woke me up. I took care of that and went to the bathroom (coffee) and then went back to sleep. Then Josiah woke me up. I went back to sleep almost immedietly. Then Isaac woke me up again. I put him in bed with us which made for a bit of a rough rest of the night but I did sleep pretty hard after that. Then it was time to get up (5:45).

Josiah is safely on the bus and Hunter is in the shower. Todd went back to bed for a few minutes...fully dressed...because he doesn't have a project to start on this morning and has to wait for his boss to get there at 8. I'm hoping that Ike sleeps REALLY late this morning so I can go back to bed after Hunter leaves. Somehow it never works out that way does it?

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