Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Muppets and Messenger

Well, I got my IM working. There were two firewalls operating and one of them (obviously, the one I didn't check at first) was set to reject google talk. So. I think I'm all set. Of course, no one's online right now....but when they are I CAN TALK! This reminds me: I signed up for Yahoo Messenger the other day, anybody chat there?

Todd received a reply from the guy at Southlake Boulevard Church. He's got to read their description of the perfect candidate and then submit a letter telling them why he's the one. I haven't read it yet but if he thinks he's the guy, I think we should have some of the guys at GP submit a letter telling why THEY think he's the man for the job. Don't ya think?

We've been watching the first season of The Muppet Show on DVD. Hunter says, "I didn't like the Muppets before, but now I do!" We've decided that the show was WAY different from the movies. Hey, would someone please find Molly Watkins tonight and tell her "Muhnah, Muhnah!" or is that "M'nah, M'nah!" or "Mahnah, Mahnah!"? Either way, tell her for me. Some others need to hear it too, but Molly will know who they are.

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