Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Problem...

The Problem with being gone a while is getting back into blogging. I keep thinking, "Oooh. I should blog about that!" but then I think, "I can't until after I've done all my blogging about Christmas and posted those pictures." Well, I think it's time to overcome my outmoded notions of proper blog-order and get back in the swing of things.

Christmas at my Mom's was nice and quiet...comparitively speaking. Christmas in Kansas was even quieter considering that noone was there but my dad, my kids, my grandmother and me. And there's the fact that Thayer, Kansas is almost always relatively quiet. We got to go to a sheep ranch and Josiah and Isaac (Hunter was with Grandma at the time) got to pet a newborn lamb, sit on a horse and see bunches of sheep, cows, horses, dogs and even some chickens. The place belongs to a friend of my Dad's and since Josiah had been asking about "farmers" all day he took us out there (actually just up the road from Grandma's). Dad told Josiah that the farmer's name was David so Josiah called him "Farmer David" the whole time. It was awesome, but I didn't have my camera! We had gone to the library and I wasn't expecting a field trip to a farm. That's what I get....

I also inherited some knitting tools while there. My Grandmother's mother passed away this past year (at 105) and left some needles and some unfinished work. My Grandma doesn't knit so she gave them to me. In exchange, I knitted her a scarf on her mother's needles.

I also inherited a tool that I didn't recognize. It was some bars held together by "poles", a little less than a foot long. I came home and did some research and found out it was for hairpin lace. I love the internet!!! Now I know how to use it and am working away!

Snyder was fun, as previously mentioned. The ENTIRE family was there. All of Todd's Dad's brothers, their kids and their kids were at the grandparents' place on Saturday, 30 people and 3 dogs. Most of us went to church with them on Sunday and then out to eat. And I thought the Ennis Christmas was wild. The photo is just Todd's Dad and Step-Mom, Sister and brother-in-law and their three and, of course, us. I haven't had time to go through the others but I (again) didn't have my camera for the main festivities on Saturday. We didn't even attempt an organized group shot. No one was that brave.

My favorite gift of the weekend? While at his dad's house, Todd's step-mom pulled all her yarn out of the back closet and after taking out what she needed, told me, "Take whatever you want." YEEEHAW!!! I behaved well, I think. I only took one bagfull, all sizes and colors.

Again with the internet. I've had to learn some crochet to use the hairpin lace properly and so decided to learn to Tatt as well. The long and the short? I'm not getting much housework done, but I'm having fun.

We've also made some pet additions. When I get up the guts to tell my parents all about it, I'll tell you too. (It's NOT the dog in this photo. That's Todd's Dad's. One of three...and several cats. Wonder where Todd got his thing for pets?)

Todd's working at Verizon still. He's decided that he really was meant to be a youth minister. God works in strange ways. How long do you figure he'll make him wait to give him a youth group again? Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be just as long as he needs. God's cool like that.

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