Thursday, January 12, 2006

Look what I found.

I was looking through New Wineskins' online job search site the other day and look what I found:

Southlake Boulevard Church Seeks Pulpit Minister. SBC is a dynamic grace-filled church located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. A comprehensive position description which reflects the tremendous thought and prayer that has gone into defining the right minister profile to lead us is available via email by contacting Ron Holifield.

I have no idea how old the ad is and Todd hasn't received a reply to his e-mail to Ron Holifield yet, but I looked them up online at and they seem like a really neat group of folks. They are also located about 8 minutes from our house. I hope we can go visit soon. When Todd came home and told me the building was within "yelling distance" of our house, I asked, "Would they hear me if I went in the backyard and yelled, 'PLEASE!'"

Again, I don't know the current status of their search, but it gives me something to hope for. We're also waiting to hear something...anything...from the church seeking a youth minister in Plano. We just don't have the contacts we need around these parts to be job hunting here.

Todd's finally really fired up about seeking a ministry position. Bless his heart. I think it's cool that God is letting me see the changes in us almost as they happen. Usually it's much later that you can see how a struggle has changed you.

Meantime, we wait........

"I hate waiting."

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