Monday, January 16, 2006

Do I have a virus?

I can not get my computer to connect to my instant messenger.  It tries constantly and kicks me out the instant it begins every time.  I even downloaded Yahoo Messenger the other day and it does the exact same thing.  As soon as it begins to try to connect it kicks out.  YM has a message saying something like "check to make sure you are connected to the internet," which I am.  Everything else works great...surfing, e-mailing, even my Weather Bug is functioning just fine.
Anyone know?  Sound like a bug?  Todd and I have both searched all my settings trying to find something and we're stuck.  Wassup?  I JUST got some new friends signed up too!  Is that it?  Did one of you give me a virus?  You know,  that's the problem with friends.....all their baggage! 
I've learned through the years that sarcasm doesn't really communicate well via internet or even just the written word when it's in letter form.  So, in case you are wondering:  Yes, I was kidding.  
The boys and I just spent the night in Ennis with Todd's sister and family.  It really was fun.  We went out there Saturday for Todd's step-dad's birthday and then I drove the kids out yesterday again because of the MLK holiday.  I LOVE getting to hang out with family.
I am, however, exhausted.  It's almost 9:45 and I'm ready to pass out...even after 3 cups of regular coffee.  bleh.
Think I'll shoot for an actual 8 hours tonight.  That gives me about 5 minutes to wash my face, brush my teeth, change my clothes (not necessarily in that order) and get in bed and fall to sleep.  Think I can do it?  Bettcha I can!

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