Monday, January 02, 2006


Don't you hate it when someone doesn't blog for days and days and days?  I know I do.
We are now home from our Christmas wanderings and I'm trying to play catch up on laundry and sleep and e-mails and toy playing and movie watching and all that stuff.  The boys and I had a fantastic trip to Kansas with my Dad last week.  We got home Thursday night and left for Snyder Friday afternoon.  We just had our Thomas family Christmas out in Snyder and that went fairly smoothly.  The kids had a blast and even got to make some fireworks pop.  We took it easy on that because of all the grass fires...and we've seen quite a few of those the last few days.  We even got a good old fashioned dust storm while in Snyder.  I can tell by looking at the cars around here that it blew at least this far East and was probably made even thicker by all the smoke from the fires.  It's like living in California eh?
I've taken lots of pictures and will post and give details soon.  Really I will.

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