Monday, January 09, 2006


Anyone out there on gmail besides the Kisers? Not that I don't like chatting with Geraldine, I'd just like to not look so pitiful with only two "friends" on my Google Chat list. Know what I mean?
The boys are back in school. Hunter has apparently been making all A's and B's, much to our surprise. We just found out today via e-mail that he's supposed to have the Preamble to the Constitution memorized by Wednesday. He neglected to tell us that. What a dork. Luckily, he's a fast memorizer and has a slim chance of actually doing it in that time.

Josiah is struggling with English but doing fantastic in Math. No surprises there but I ache to help him like English. I know communication is one of the main "issues" with autism but...

Isaac is back into his "no brother" routine now. I think he loves it. I know it would embarrass him so I won't tell you about him running around naked most of the morning. I will tell you that he sliced the crud out of his finger on a globe...of all things. He's recovering nicely with some triple antibiotic and a band-aid.

I've been surfing the web for patterns for tatting and hairpin lace. I've found some great stuff but somehow the whole day has disappeared and I haven't done any laundry. Not good.

Next of the new pet.


The Emersons said...

i didn't realize gmail had a google chat option. we're "theemersons" right now i use it for family stuff. we have several emails for personal use with yahoo...rediculous, i know.

Mrs. Wrye said...

Josh and I are joshandellen. go figure! : D