Sunday, January 22, 2006


Have you ever noticed that people don't seem to e-mail or blog on the weekends? I think it's because that's when we're actually doing the things we want to do and so aren't avoiding work by blogging, or e-mailing. Then again, maybe that's just me.

We spent yesterday traversing the metroplex as a family. We went to a really cool leather place, factory/outlet that makes and sells all those Tandy Leather kits to make mocassins and purses and such. We didn't buy anything but we touched everything! It was fun....and mayhem. My three kids and a giant open warehouse with only metal shelves for rows and piles of furs and hides. Add that all up and you get a swirling, screaming whirlwind. Or least that's how it feels if you're trying to keep them quiet. Nobody else seemed to mind. In fact, from what I saw I think that's the norm.

We then went to some western wear stores and fabric shops to try to find stuff for Todd to get ready to go with his Dad to shoot "Cowboy Style" next weekend. He needed "braces" instead of a belt so we had to find some buttons and braces. I thought it was a fun jaunt. I don't think the kids liked it as much but they did have some fun.

After a stop at home for snack and rest we went out again just to drive around. We wanted to see Roanoak which is just north of us...if you don't count Westlake, population 300 or so. Roanoak is population 3000 or so and is pretty small, but it was cute and fun to drive around. It appears that there are some good eateries there...including a world-famous Babe's, supposedly the best fried chicken available for consumption in the US.

We came home wiped out, ate dinner and went to bed. Well, I didn't. I started cutting the pieces for a shirt for Todd. It's actually a pattern for a Civil War era shirt, but I bet it'll do for old west wear too.....if I can do it. I've cut the pieces but the instructions make me dizzy. We'll see.

Today we are planning to visit Southlake Boulevard Church for their 11 o'clock worship. I'll let you know what it's like when we get home. If it's like what we've read then I think we'll love it. I'm trying not to get too excited. I think Todd is too. He seems to be dragging his feet on getting his letter to them. Is it nerves? Is it second thoughts? You know, he has a phone interview with the church in Richardson about their youth minister position on Thursday night. I hate this part. We did it with support-hunting for over seas and with finding a ym position when we got back. You have to start the process with more than one church at a time or you'll be looking for years. It's a feeling I don't like.

Of course, it beats the feeling of NOTHING to apply for all to pieces!

Pray for us would ya? I'll tell you my selfish prayer....I want this church at Southlake to realize how perfect a fit Todd is for them and who they are and want to be. My unselfish prayer is that God will lead us clearly to wherever He can use us most mightily.....soon (that's a little selfish addition there).

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