Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Trying New Blogging Methods

So, the site says I can post my blogs via e-mail, which isn't always the best way but could be handy sometimes.  Especially for someone like Lori Morris who could post from West Africa via e-mail.  I hope she does.
Anyway.  I feel like I should blog a ton but am almost afraid to get started.  Where's a good place?  How many will read it?  You know, the more people you think may read your site, the less honest you feel you can be sometimes.  Don't you think so?  Well, let's start with basics.
We moved back to Texas at the beginning of August this year for some fairly complicated reasons.  We came without job, home, or schools.  We found a home and schools in Keller, Texas, which is a small town within the huge swirling mass of humanity that is the DFW metroplex.  So far it's almost perfect.  We live in small-town peace but have access to huge-town amenities.  The schools have been really good and our house is cute.  We live about 30 minutes from my parents and about an hour from most of Todd's family.
Now all we need is a job, right?  We have some severance so we're not desperate.  Not really.  Todd really feels the need to be working, though, and I'm getting antsy about our fiscal future.  We intend to work with a church planting group called Mission Alive and start what will probably be a small house church but Todd really does not want to be a fully paid minister.
So far Todd has been strongly courted by a large Toyota dealer and Radio Shack, both of which pay on commission.  He went to a job fair today and is interested in the Arlington Police Department and also Army Reserve as a chaplain, both of which I feel he could enjoy.  Todd's dad is a deputy sheriff and has been in law enforcement for many, many years so he knows what that's all about.  I think he's also really been itching to serve his country ever since 9/11.  I've been fasting and praying really hard that God will make the path clear for us. 
 "I hate waiting."  It's one of my favorite lines from Princess Bride and it's so appropriate right now.
If you intend to pray for our family, I have some requests.  First, Todd's job (as you may have guessed).  Pray for something through which God can use us mightily.  Second, Josiah has his final placement ARD next week.  It's the meeting where we finalize his education plan, decide where he's to be from now on and also try to get him bus services.  I'm nervous that they'll want to change things around since everyone's being so vague about it.
I know I had some more things but I promised Hunter I'd be outside on the front porch when he rode his bike home today so I'd better get out there.
We'll see if this e-blogging thing works.

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