Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I couldn't get a picture of Isaac coming down the slide posted because Todd made video of the event instead of single shots. I love the video but can't post it for you here so you'll have to just look at Josiah coming out of that chute and imagine it's Ike. It's not hard, just imagine him smaller with lighter hair.

I'm sure we'll have ample opportunity to get shots of Isaac on that slide, he loves it.

Josiah's ARD meeting for permanent placement was today. They will be leaving him where he is, though there was some question because of his behaviors. He is just too far along academically to move him into a "lower level" program. They will, however, move him out of the mainstream classroom. His behaviors are just too extreme while he's there. Apparently he's been throwing chairs and such again. I feel good about the move because I know that at Heritage (his school) he will still get all of the academics in the special class that he would get in a regular class. His special class only has 4 students with a teacher and an aid so he'll get what he needs there.

Our next step is to get him to a doctor to see about getting his Dopamine levels under control. He seemed to be getting better at home with emotional control but that is not reflecting in his school behaviors. It's time to move on from herbal remedies to something stronger if he's going to be all he can be, especially at school. It's a big step, please pray for wisdom for us and the doctor.

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