Friday, September 23, 2005

Too funny to even explain.

I was surfing the other day and happened upon It's a woman's blog about motherhood and I adore it! If you're squeemish about curse words I suggest you avoid it but I came upon this poll she was running. I laughed so hard that it started to frighten my children but I couldn'texplain why I was laughing. Check it out and you'll know why.
(don't miss out on the comments.)
By the way, I used to be as articulate as this lady, really I was. Back when I had only 2 kids. Somehow the third sapped all the witty-ness out of me. Maybe it's all the laundry.


Sandra Largen said...

Hey Teresa....had a minute or two before leaving GracePointe....yes I too hate the darkness in getting up now...we just need to go ahead and change the time or something. Eddie always said we need to split the difference 30 minutes and just leave it...I think he's right. Am headed for Tallassee after work. The Tallassee band director ask me to come and work with the flag corp for the next 3 Tuesday night practices before they go to contest on October 8th and I said I would. I have really enjoyed it, especially since the work is done...all I am doing is cleaning it up. I know the senior girls as they were freshmen when I left THS 3 years ago. Hard to believe they are seniors now. No one is here in the office right now. Tamara went to pick up the kids, Polly stayed home as they have a car not running and Greg is going on some trip tomorrow. Scotty went to Birmingham to visit his mother and to see Esther Webster who had knee replacemenet surgery. Charlotte is busily working on her house trying to get it ready to move in by October 30th. I spend all my Saturday's there trying to help her but Eddie and I will be going to Kentucky for Sharon's birthday on October 28th. We began Peacemaker series last Sunday. Having Ken Sande here two weeks ago was awesome. He is so wonderful and all of the care groups began the 12 week study this past Sunday night. I know it will help me personally and just by doing that it will be so worth it for me. So proud for Todd and pray that the police department job works well for him. Glad to knwo the boys are doing well...I think of you often...just don't have the time much to put it down on e-mail...well..I need to call Eddie before I walk out the door to see if he wants me to bring something home to eat since I will not have time to cook before going to Tallassee...take care dear are so special and always will be one of God's special women....with love from an ole Alabama sister in Christ...Sandra

Polly said...

Hey Teresa! I love to come see the pictures and hear the news of the Thomas family. I really miss you all! The kids here regularly say something about the boys and all the buddies are having withdrawal. What a special treat for this body to learn to love and care for Josiah. I feel like that experience has laid groundwork for future opportunities - God will reveal in time! Thank you for that gift! Dobra Garners' nephew is here from Germany and seems "different" we were seeing some common characteristics with Josiah and considering the possibility of some autistic qualities. Its very hard to tell with all the cultural barriers. He's 16 I think and the kids in youth group have done a great job of bringing him in. He's at St. James and doing ok I think- so mentally I think ok just something different. It's very interesting but see our experience with Josiah has helped us and the especially the kids to be open!!!
Give Josiah a birthday hug for us.
Deric's working really hard in Advanced classes and rising to the occassion- YEAH! He hasn't always worked up to his potential. 6th grade it became "uncool" to be smart so he shut down somewhat on that good grades thing. It's good to see him really motivated to do his best. Just hope its in time for a Scholarship!!!! Everyone else in the Sallas clan is fine- Kaleb's staying sore from working out new muscles in weight training class and Gregs gone to Nashville for a few days- we'll see what goes wrong with him gone. All the good stuff happens when daddy's out of town.
oh hey- checked out damomma- funny stuff! nothing like the life of a mom!!! Enjoy it- it goes too fast!!!
love you girl!! ps