Friday, September 16, 2005


Today is overcast here and considerably cooler than the past few days. I like the cool but feel slow this morning because of the lack of sun. Or maybe it's getting up too early. Maybe it's the move. You know, when we moved to TZ we slept and slept and slept for months. We went to bed early and got up late and took naps and always felt exhausted. Maybe my problem is just trying to adjust to a new culture, even though it's my own. They call that "reverse culture shock" by the way. Who knows?

Todd is currently in Arlington taking his tests, being interviewed and running an obstacle course. I'm trying not to be nervous and I know he is too but we're bad fakers. He called me three times on his way there. Two times to ask me to look at a map and once just to let me know he was almost there. I love him so much! I can say that here because this is my blog and I can say whatever I want. I'm so proud of him I could bust. And he looks HOT in a suit and tie. So there.

I'm meeting Becky VanRheenen for lunch and am looking forward to some chat time. Becky's been a good friend and mentor for about 15 years now. Part of enjoying her company is her insight and personality but a big part is just the pure comfort of being with an old friend. I don't have many of those around here, not that I see regularly anyway.

I'm homesick for Alabama and it sucks. I don't even have to explain why because IT'S MY BLOG!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what part of alabama you miss, but I hope part of it is GracePointe. We miss you guys, but know that God is closely guiding your every step. Polly is painting the outside of both trailers. I know, I'm supposed to be helping her, and I will, once I get past this youth minister search process. Keep on blogging.